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I am proof of why SLEEP really matters

"Sleep is where we rebuild and rejuvenate, it is essential to health and happiness. Let me be the example you need to do something about your sleep".

Do you struggle with sleep? For many years I thought I could stay up late, get up early and still feel good. It’s the thing I gave up to be present for my kids while working as a morning show TV anchor. My alarm went off at 2:45AM and I went to bed between 8-9PM. I drank coffee all morning and came home to a full-time job as a mom. I thought I had the best of all worlds with a “dream” career and time to volunteer in the classroom, carpool and help with homework. I really believed that I could keep this up and somehow, I did keep it up, but I watched my health and my energy plum et. I longed for days of feeling “normal”. I dreamed about getting eight full hours of sleep.

Earlier this year I decided to take control of my wellbeing. I wanted to know just how much regular sleep would impact my overall health. Now, nearly three months after leaving my TV news job and starting my new website and podcast, I have discovered a new way of life. I go to sleep when I am tired, not when I am forced to go to sleep. I wake up when my body tells me it’s time to wake up. I don’t have that constant need for caffeine. Exercise is enjoyable, not a chore and guilt-ridden frustration. The afternoon headaches have gone away. I truly am a new person.

I constantly hear from friends and followers about their sleep issues but let me ask you these questions: have you truly prioritized your sleep? Have you done everything you can do to create an environment for sleep? Is stress keeping you awake? Are you using alcohol or sleeping aids to get to sleep? There is so much you can do to help yourself if you relate to any of these issues. Sleep is where we rebuild and rejuvenate, it is essential to health and happiness. Let me be the example you need to do something about your sleep. I did a blood panel a year ago and another this month- the results were shocking! Nothing has changed other than a regular and consistent sleep schedule and guess what? My once depleted iron levels tripled, my magnesium levels went way up (a key component in restless leg syndrome) and my vitamin D levels doubled!

Everyone has different weaknesses but without restful and quality sleep, our bodies are not able to fight off illnesses, our immune systems struggle to keep up and we know how important that is right now.

I encourage you to listen to my podcast this week where we discuss sleep and what you can do to get more restful sleep (and I promise it won’t be all about putting away your technology). Don’t give up on quality sleep – I am proof that you can change your life by making it a priority!

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