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Teen Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Be Liked and Appreciated

I am a mom of three, two of which are teenagers (one is 12 but he acts like a teenager). I will always promote what's good for their health and their brain. The big question is, how do I do that to satisfy my needs while making sure my kids feel special on Christmas? You'll be glad to know it's possible!


Let's start with a game called THE MIND CARD GAME. . You can't go wrong with a game nominated for the prestigious Spiel des Jahres (Game of The Year). Excellent for families. I love how this game brings everyone together and can be played as a family. It's one they will beg to play after dinner but doesn't take all night!

Up next, tech is always good but not when it's complicated. My teenagers have enjoyed having a simple keyboard that they can use on any device, even a laptop. This keyboard by Logitec is perfect for teenagers, it's quiet (no tapping noise) and can be easily put in a backpack. This keyboard can pair with three devices, so can easily switch between typing on a laptop, tablet and phone.

This gift is by far my favorite. You can bring a Grammy award winning musician right to your teenager's room and give them the gift of learning the guitar. How cool is that!? There are a lot of other great lessons on here, check them out here and watch your teenager light up with this gift.

The world really would be better if we could play with our food and this gives teenagers a chance to act like a kid and laugh about it. This is the playful sports mug and it's the perfect price too at $25.

I get sentimental and love to give gifts to my teenagers that remind them of family and how much they are loved. These bar necklaces are so perfect for the teenage years and customizable for boys and girls. Not as expensive as a lot of jewelry but perfect for the age and style.

Teenagers are obsessed with bubble tea. I have to admit, I like it too. Check out this Bubble Tea Kit, easy to make an fun to do with friends. If this isn't something your kids have tried, wait until they do! I may sneak in for a sip or two if they let me come in and say hi when their friends are over.

Happy Holidays to you and your teenagers! Enjoy the time together as a family!