Why MOLD is something we need to take very seriously.

"We estimate that it's between 80 and a hundred million people that are impacted in the U S alone. So how many of those people don't know? I would say probably 30 to 40% are walking around and have no idea" -Michael Rubino

I have often heard of the dangers of mold in our homes but little did I know it can cause health issues in people of all ages and in many cases, it is not visible. Below is my interview with Michael Rubino AKA The Mold Medic. Michael explains what we need to look for an what to do if you suspect your home might have mold. If you would prefer to watch the interview, you will find the video at the bottom of this page.


We often hear people talk about air quality. And usually they're talking about outdoor air quality, but today I want to talk about indoor air quality specifically when it comes to mold. The scary part about this and the type of quality that we're talking about in air is that people don't even know that mold in their indoor air could be affecting their health. And today I'm talking to the man known as the mold medic Michael Ravino. Tell me how you got into this and specifically how dangerous indoor air quality can be and how it can be affecting our health. And we might not even realize it. Yeah,

Michael :

Sure. I mean, you know, basically I've been around construction my entire lives and some five years old, my dad was a contractor. So being around construction and he was a restoration contractor as well, typically with fires. And, you know, as you know, when you have a fire, it gets put out with water. One of the big things with mold can actually be impacted by because water obviously gives it the opportunity for mold to grow. At that point, you know, just being exposed to these things and seeing how, in retrospect, the way insurance companies looked at mold and things like that. I think a lot of restoration even still today, unfortunately it doesn't get done properly and gives us this false insecurity. So when it comes to mold exposure and indoor air quality, you have these particles that get into our body. Typically at eye amounts can really disrupt our immune system. Some of the symptoms you'll really hear about is brain fog, chronic fatigue, respiratory respiratory disease, and respiratory infection allergy like symptoms like the onset of a cold that quite never goes away. So it's confusing cause it can correlate the so many other diagnosises, but I think if you're not feeling well, you really want to include indoor air quality as part of the picture and optimizing your health. How


Would someone even know? You know, you, maybe you have a cold, you just think it's a cold, but do you always see mold? Should you be looking for it or is it invisible? Well, it