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Episode 76: 8 Ways to Take Care of Yourself for a More Fulfilling Life

Brief summary of show:

How do you take care of yourself? How do you make sure your own cup is full? How do you make sure you’re showing yourself the same kindness and care that you show others?

In this episode, I’m sharing my 8 ways to take care of yourself for a more fulfilling life.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [3:45] Identifying and solving problems

  • [4:40] Focusing on the future instead of the past

  • [5:40] Planning something to look forward to

  • [6:00] Practicing gratitude

  • [7:00] Eating healthy foods and living healthily

  • [8:50] Prioritizing friendships

  • [9:40] Asking for help and accepting it when it’s offered

Notes from Natalie:

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[00:00:00] Natalie Tysdal: People talk a lot about self care, but what does it really mean and why is it important? The eight ways you should be taking care of yourself to live a better and more fulfilled life next on the podcast.

[00:00:14] Natalie Tysdal: Hi everyone. It's Natalie self care, a buzz phrase. You know, we hear it so often, but what does it really mean? Why does it matter? Let me just tell you, after living through one of the hardest seasons of my life, I understand it more than ever.

We all go through ups and downs some more than others, but the way we daily manage our lives and take care of our. Physically mentally, emotionally, it sets us up for better judgment and focus when those hard seasons hit. And we never know when that might happen. So before I talk more about this, I wanna thank you for listening and for supporting this podcast.

For those of you new here, I'm a mom, a teacher, a journalist. I spent 28 years in the news business. It's a high pressure job that I had for many years as a morning, show TV, anchor. I enjoyed. For many years, but I had a turning point. A few years ago, and I realized that our world has changed. The news business has most certainly changed. And if we don't change along with it, we're gonna sink our mental health will suffer. We have to limit how much negativity we take in, and we have to know. How to consume news. I had all three of my kids while working terrible hours and enduring a lot of work stress.

I had to learn self care. In fact, I can't say that I've always been good at it. I still struggle with it, but I'm aware of it and like everything else in life we have to choose to. Good habits to form those habits, those routines. I spent many years putting everything and everyone before my own wellbeing.

And what good am I to those people? I love. If I'm not healthy today, I wanna give you the things that you can do to start today that will improve the way you feel and the way you think. And yes, I do think that those two things, the way you feel and the way you think go hand in hand. So let's get.

Okay. So first focus on your strengths. How many times have you started a project? Maybe you feel overwhelmed from the get go of that project. I know this feeling taking care of yourself means first not taking on new projects that are not in your wheelhouse or that you just. Don't enjoy. I recently took on some volunteer work for my daughter's lacrosse team.

I didn't volunteer for the job of the parent treasurer, but I did volunteer to be the parent liaison and group coordinator, because I know that my strength is in relationships and in connecting people, not in managing a bank account and numbers for other people. The opposite might be true. You might love numbers.

And that's your thing. Focus on that and then make sure that the things that you agree to are in that wheelhouse focus on your strengths and say no. When those tasks are not aligned, don't be afraid to say that's not really my gift or my strength, but I can do X, Y, and Z.

Number two, start identifying and solving problems. When was the last time you sat down? And you identified the greatest stresses in your life. And I mean, write them down. Don't just think of them because you won't give it the same importance, write them down, and then problem solve ways to overcome all of those difficult things.

Often I find that when people dwell on the problem or as my husband likes to say, admire the problem, tackling that problem, head on coming up with a true plan and then working through. Step by step, how to get past that heart issue, that's gonna be the best way through something difficult. A lot of people admire problems and actually spend more time worrying and talking about the problem versus solving the issue.

Do you know people like that? Maybe you're one of them don't admire the problem, but identify it and work through it.

Number three, on my list for self care, focus on the future, instead of reviewing hurts from the past, you know, We all have crap. Let's face it. Your crap might be harder than mine or your neighbors or other people in the world, but we all have it.

Actually. Mine's pretty hard right now, but I'm not gonna dwell on it. We can choose to shake our fist at God and be mad about our circumstances. Or we can stop ask ourselves what we're learning through hard. And plan for the future. For me, this is through prayer and faith. I know what my family is going through right now is part of God's plan for each of us.

And when I feel that deep heart pain, you know what I'm talking about, I know that that's God reaching out to me, leading me, growing me. And asking more of me. So look to the future instead of looking at the past and dwelling on the past,

next plan, something to look forward to, maybe it's a trip, an outing, whatever that might be, we all need things.

To look ahead and look forward to, to feel motivated by it might be something weeks. It might be something months. Maybe you start planning for something in a year. It just gives you that lighthearted fun. Something to look forward, to give yourself that.

Okay. Number five. Practice gratitude. I have a very close friend who used to use the phrase I get to, instead of, I have to, I used to laugh when he would say, I get to get up at two 30 in the morning to work for a morning show.

not something that you often would say I get to do, but then again, I started using that language and it works. Your kids might laugh at you. Some of your friends might think it sounds funny, but you don't have to go to work. You actually get to go to work. You don't have to go work out and exercise, but think about this.

It's a privilege to be healthy enough. To work out. You get to work out the same goes for just about any situation in your life. Try replacing every time you catch yourself saying I have to do something and say, I get to do something, whatever that might be

next. And this might seem obvious. But live healthy, eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, exercise, regularly, avoid those things that physically drag you down.

Start with the change that maybe you can commit to for just three days and then see how it makes you feel. And then add a few more days and eventually you're gonna be adding months to that and you're gonna start feeling better. You know, I do a lot of podcasts here and interviews on healthy living. I did an interview with a doctor last year on diet, and I also have a free download.

You might be interested in. On the Mediterranean diet. He tells me he's a very good friend of mine, but he tells me it is the most sustainable and overall best diet out there. I'll link that free download in the show notes. you might also be interested in episode 65 on eat a plant-based diet or episode 63 with world renowned. Dr. William Lee titled eat to beat disease, or maybe episode 57 on slowing down the age process with Dr. Nian Patel. These are just a few episodes that can contribute to your self care.

You'll find many others in the list of podcasts, wherever you listen to podcasts, I try to. Each episode around 20 minutes so that you can listen and get tips while out for a walk or maybe doing laundry or while in the car and all of. Is about taking care of yourself, that self care, and it means making conscious decisions.

And I am so fortunate to hear from experts around the world on these topics. So I hope that you'll go back and listen to a few of these episodes. You're gonna thank yourself when you have more energy and you're feeling positive and fulfilled later in your life.

Okay. So number seven, see. To build your sense of belonging.

So I know this is hard when you're busy and when you just don't feel like socializing, it's so much easier to just come home, put your feet up, turn on a TV show, maybe read a book, be by yourself. I've totally done that. Many many times, but we all need a sense of belonging and relationships. Maybe you don't feel like socializing, but making those connections, it is so important for your self care.

We were made to be in community with one another. And although the last few years we've spent more time at home and alone. We're now seeing that that affects people's mental health self care means making those connections going out of your comfort zone. Making plans with a friend when you don't feel like it, you always feel better afterwards.

So go ahead and make that plan. Make a call, make a connection and start building those relationships.

Number eight, ask for help, and then accept help when it's offered. I am admittedly. Not good at this working on it. I don't know why I like to be. Self-sufficient probably has something to do with my younger years and having an incredible self-sufficient mother.

And I like to be able to do things for myself, but I also like helping people. So I give. But I'm not really good at taking or accepting help this past summer. I learned the value in accepting help. Let those who love you. Be there for you. Let people in, let them take care of you in your time of need. It makes them feel good.

That's probably the missing piece. I didn't realize that by them helping me, I was making them feel good. So let them feel good. It also lifts your load and will be some of the best self care out there. You know, self care can look like many, many things. Yep. It can be a massage every now and then maybe getting pampered, getting your nails done, whatever that might be, but there is.

So much more to it, and I hope you realize that there's no harm in self-care that is physical, like getting a massage, but the importance of mental care, spiritual care and the value in relationships cannot be underestimated. I hope this has helped you rethink self-care and will be the first step on your journey to being more healthy.