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Episode 89: Finding Your Inner Truth Amongst Adversity with Rachel Macy Stafford

Brief summary of show:

What does it mean to find your inner truth? How do you show up authentically, in your power, in life’s hardest moments?

And how does that inner integrity benefit your children and how you show up as their parent or caregiver?

In this episode, Rachel Macy Stafford joins me to talk about the meaning and purpose we find in adversity.

Rachel Macy Stafford is the creator of Hands Free Mama. She is an author, speaker, and creator, who helps mamas learn what it means to be hands free. Rachel says that before, she was holding on to the wrong things and missing out on life. Finally, she is holding on to what matters, and it has given her life new meaning. It’s time to grasp what really matters to you and then start living.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [2:30] How Rachel came up with the idea of ‘Hands Free Mama’

  • [4:40] Looking beyond ‘authenticity’ as a buzzword and finding your inner truth

  • [14:30] How to be authentic on social media

  • [21:45] How does trying to achieve perfection actually impact our kids?

  • [29:30] Advice for people making a life transition

Notes from Natalie:

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