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Episode 90: Communication and Breaking the Cycle of Judgment with Dr. Betsy Chung

Brief summary of show:

How do we break the cycle of judgment?

Can we transform the way we communicate, even if it differs from how we were raised?

Why do we, as adults, care so deeply about what our parents and elders think – even all these years later?

These are the questions we’re answering in this episode with Dr. Betsy Chung.

Dr. Betsy Chung is a clinical psychologist in southern California. She has over 10 years experience as a mental health clinician. She specializes in helping people achieve self-esteem and healthy relationships by helping them make sense of their life experiences.

In addition to providing psychotherapy in private practice, Dr. Chung maintains a professional social media account on Instagram under the handle: LoveAlways.DrBetsy, and contributes her expertise to various media outlets including "Tyla on TikTok", and "Share Care, Inc." and has been featured in magazines like "Cosmopolitan", "The Candidly" and "Women's Health" magazine.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [2:50] Why adults seek the approval of their parents and elders

  • [5:30] Tips to help our kids not take on our own trauma as parents

  • [12:05] Why parents judge each other and how to separate our own perceptions

  • [22:20] Two important things for adults to be able to do

  • [27:45] Setting our kids up to make their own decisions

  • [29:55] Feelings flipchart

Notes from Natalie:

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