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More Than Mouthwatering

I am a lover of garlic. I admit it, So I may have garlic breath every now and then, I don't care it's the one food that when I cook with it, it makes my mouth water. I use it in all kinds of recipes from home made spaghetti sauce to salad dressing. But are you aware of some of these lesser known health benefits from garlic. 1. Garlic works as an anti-inflammatory. In foods and rubbed on your skin, garlic oil is proven to ease the pain from inflamed muscles and joints.

2. Garlic is an anti-bacterial. Did you know that cooking with garlic protects you and the other foods you are eating? Garlic has been known to kill bacterial on foods (be sure you still wash and thoroughly cook all foods).

3. Garlic is great for your skin and hair. Some studies even show that rubbing garlic on acne can help kill bacteria. I prefer to eat my garlic for better skin and hair. 4. Many health experts say that Garlic can lower blood pressure.

Let me know how you are cooking with garlic and I'll be posting some garlic recipes soon!

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