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Episode 52: How to Spark Brilliance as a Leader with Jackie Insinger

Brief summary of show:

I’m excited to share this episode with you, because it’s with my dear friend Jackie Insinger. We talk about her new book, Spark Brilliance, and the lessons we can learn about being a kind and empathetic leader.

Throughout her career, Jackie has brought her expertise in Cognitive Psychology and Interpersonal Dynamics to the business world as a sought-after Leadership and Team Dynamics Coach.

Using her research-based, action-oriented methodology, Jackie helps leaders and teams focus on unique strengths and authentic connection in order to increase performance, results, and fulfillment. Her Positive Psychology-led framework, Platinum Leadership, has been a game-changer for thousands of people and businesses throughout the world.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [2:00] What you will learn from Jackie’s new book, Spark Brilliance

  • [7:00] Can you really fake being in a positive mood if you need to be?

  • [10:55] How we can help make other people better

  • [20:55] Tips to get out of neutral emotions and into the positive ones

Jackie has a psychology degree from Duke University and a master’s in human development and psychology from Harvard. She is a member of both the Forbes Coaches Council and the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council and lives in Denver with her husband, Rob; two sons, Simon and Miles; and enormous Newfoundland, Hailey, aka Big Nazty.

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