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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Having a Closer Relationship With Your Kids

The search for the balance between parenting and having a better relationship with your kids is never an easy one. It will require time, love, trust, and most of all, patience from you and them to make it work out in your favor. Think back to your childhood. Remember all those times you wanted your parents' attention, but they were either too busy or not paying much attention? Well, now is the time for them to make up for lost time. There are many ways to have a closer relationship with your kids. Following this relationship advice can help you achieve that balance:

Spend Quality Time Together

For this to be effective, everyone must put their phones away during family dinners or other gatherings. Instead, be present in conversations with them and make eye contact when talking to them.

Listen To Their Thoughts And Ideas

It can be difficult for kids and especially teenagers to feel like they can voice their opinion in the household. Taking this moment with them and talking about it can help reaffirm that you're open to what they have to say, even if it's different from your own. This is an excellent opportunity to get down on their level and show them that you're

willing to listen.

Share Stories About Yourself

This is an excellent tool for parents who have kids of any age, especially for all those teenage problems. Showing them that you also might have gone through a similar situation back in your time will make them feel more comfortable and relatable. If you can show your children that it's possible to be comfortable being present with each other, then they will follow in those footsteps as well.

Create Traditions

Create traditions with them you will both enjoy. For example, dads can go to the park on Saturdays, or moms can have movie night every Friday. Be sure that there are no distractions during your time together. Make it a priority in your schedule and stick to it until they grow up.

All of these things take time but that time together is what you will all remember in the years to come. We won't do it perfectly (parenting) but there is so much value in the effort.

No matter where you are in your parenting journey, stay positive and remember you can never say "I love you" too much!

- Natalie

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